Player Spelling Challenge With Angeliño, Brandt, Thuram & More


Thuram, Brandt and Co. have to spell the names of their colleagues
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The long wait is over, the drought has passed, salvation is near - in short, the Bundesliga Spelling Bee is back! Another bunch of brave people have had a go at spelling the names of their colleagues. See for yourself how Julian Brandt, Angeliño, Filip Kostić and other Bundesliga stars fared. Spoiler: some of them messed up! Can you think of any other players' names that are difficult to spell? Let us know in the comments.

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  • James Baxter
    James BaxterTime siden


  • Patrick Seidel
    Patrick Seidel3 timer siden

    What about - Przemysław Kaźmierczak - Balázs Dzsudszák

  • Lars Koster
    Lars KosterDag siden

    0:39 😲

  • Dlani Boos
    Dlani BoosDag siden

    Redet deutsch man das triggerd

  • zoki utoka
    zoki utokaDag siden

    Announcer: no shame in waving the white flag and while we are on the subject lets get to markus thouram - who is french. Bundesliga, do you mind explaining this one

  • Moskin
    Moskin2 dager siden

    Hämälälein oder wie der heißt

  • Aitor GM
    Aitor GM2 dager siden

    Grande Wamangituka el hombre carismático.

  • Vincent Köth
    Vincent Köth2 dager siden

    nehmt mal ein mainzer mit rein z.b zentner oder onisiwo

  • Sedrik Školoudík
    Sedrik Školoudík2 dager siden

    Try Pavel Kadeřábek, I want to see how they get on with czech letter ř 😅

  • Marios Papadimitriou
    Marios Papadimitriou2 dager siden

    Kadabarek Kaladjic Tourinigha

  • max schwarz
    max schwarz2 dager siden

    fking nice video! :D

  • Aidan Ellis
    Aidan Ellis2 dager siden


  • Cody Foster2
    Cody Foster23 dager siden

    Please do the Dortmund left back

  • Michael Scofield
    Michael Scofield3 dager siden

    Hahahah Hasebe 😅statt Gouweleeuw einfach Hauseru 😅😂 echt Lustiges Video finde ich gerne mehr davon

  • Knax
    Knax3 dager siden

    Ich feier den Torwart von Wolfsburg

  • Marcel Teubrig
    Marcel Teubrig3 dager siden

    Rexhbecaj from Köln!

  • Fonsbob
    Fonsbob3 dager siden

    I am from Holland and its funny that nobody knows Jeffrey gouweleeuw his name.

  • VicVB
    VicVB3 dager siden

    1:57 slobalobaloi... sausage, sobaloi

  • VicVB
    VicVB3 dager siden

    0:37 wamaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan

  • Nina H.
    Nina H.3 dager siden

    Hauserou ich kann nicht mehr 😂😂😂

  • BruteWheat225
    BruteWheat2253 dager siden

    Another try on Szoboszlai

  • Brent
    Brent3 dager siden

    Wamaguitaka Is the fifa god...

  • Péter Kákonyi
    Péter Kákonyi3 dager siden


  • Jay Carew
    Jay Carew3 dager siden


  • Fernando Corredoira Vázquez
    Fernando Corredoira Vázquez3 dager siden

    My favourites makoto and angeliño

  • FIFA Jakob
    FIFA Jakob3 dager siden


  • Fernando Corredoira Vázquez

    Fernando Corredoira Vázquez

    3 dager siden

    Silas Wamangituka

  • Dave Rodriguez
    Dave Rodriguez4 dager siden

    wie krass gut kann casteels deutsch? 👀 als der buchstabiert hat ohne jeden accent 😳

  • funkykid13


    2 dager siden

    Einerseits der Teil wo er aufgewachsen ist und auch schon 10 Jahre in Deutschland. Aber tatsächlich, er spricht flüssig ohne jeden Akzent. Das ist schon beeindruckend.

  • simonbroski _btw

    simonbroski _btw

    2 dager siden

    Er ist in Belgien in einem Teil aufgewachsen wo man deutsch und niederländisch lernt

  • DasBasti


    3 dager siden

    Erstmal nachgeschaut , ob der nicht doch deutsch ist :D

  • LE NN

    LE NN

    3 dager siden


  • billybob 10
    billybob 104 dager siden

    Just need Hradecky and Kramaric and the SBC fodder gang are all there.

  • Joel Burger
    Joel Burger4 dager siden

    Hradezky or Gulasci is good

  • Andrej Bekan
    Andrej Bekan4 dager siden

    Its funny how the chaneel is not using German as much as English, and then when someone speaks German its weird lol

  • Lahrni
    Lahrni4 dager siden

    Who is the voiceactor in the back? I think I know the voice but I cant put my finger on it

  • wJ
    wJ4 dager siden


  • Bartosz Arendt
    Bartosz Arendt4 dager siden

    Lacroix Fosu Mensah Ache Hinteregger Quaison Boetius Choupo Moting Sarenren Baezee ( sth like that) Katterbach

  • Jake Dr Gamer
    Jake Dr Gamer4 dager siden


  • S. L.
    S. L.4 dager siden

    For me as a Dutchman Gouweleeuw is very easy

  • Svea Resing
    Svea Resing4 dager siden

    Lukasz Piszczek

  • Gamerbruder
    Gamerbruder4 dager siden

    Ramy bensebaini from Gladbach Try That

  • Robin Buchmüller
    Robin Buchmüller4 dager siden

    Macht doch wenigstens auch einen deutschen Kanal...

  • Robin Buchmüller
    Robin Buchmüller4 dager siden

    Wieso dieser nervige englischsprachige Sprecher?😅

  • Redhead 7198
    Redhead 71984 dager siden

    Massimo Schüpp und Kaan Erdogan 😂

  • kek rofl
    kek rofl4 dager siden

    Marcus Stark

  • kek rofl
    kek rofl4 dager siden

    Hasebe, so nen Lachflash geschoben😂😂

  • Tig
    Tig4 dager siden


  • Sam Nevitt
    Sam Nevitt5 dager siden


  • Karo 1605
    Karo 16055 dager siden

    I’m a simple woman. I see Julian Brandt and click haha

  • Tony Stark
    Tony Stark5 dager siden

    Hasebe Legend

  • Vidi Jack
    Vidi Jack5 dager siden


  • Daniel M
    Daniel M5 dager siden

    The very tall striker that plays for Stutgart

  • Lewis Hansborough

    Lewis Hansborough

    4 dager siden

    The polish guy

  • jobbie
    jobbie5 dager siden


  • Lxnni8 '-'
    Lxnni8 '-'5 dager siden

    How good can Casteels speak German? WTF

  • Niki
    Niki5 dager siden

    Where is Elvis rexhbecaj from fc köln?

  • Miłosz Miłosz
    Miłosz Miłosz5 dager siden


  • Michael Hornnes
    Michael Hornnes5 dager siden

    Bayer Leverkusens goalkeeper

  • champagne from hollywood
    champagne from hollywood5 dager siden

    Wamangituka ist doch voll leicht😂

  • Zurusch
    Zurusch5 dager siden

    If mkhitarian would be in The Bundesliga

  • Mateeeiii
    Mateeeiii5 dager siden


  • Phil Naun
    Phil Naun5 dager siden

    Warum ist Bundesliga in englisch

  • Tobias Tobisch
    Tobias Tobisch5 dager siden

    Eric maxime choupo moting

  • Bence Blezsán
    Bence Blezsán6 dager siden


  • LolloliV12 Hesse
    LolloliV12 Hesse6 dager siden

    Lacroix könnte hart sein

  • L S
    L S6 dager siden

    Lukas Piszscek

  • Abdullahi Abdullahi
    Abdullahi Abdullahi6 dager siden

    I don't know why Makoto loves the letter H so much

  • GOLDyxw
    GOLDyxw6 dager siden


  • Djlangan2007
    Djlangan20076 dager siden

    Danny Aaron’s will have castells in his weekend league after this

  • Theeboe
    Theeboe6 dager siden


  • Jonas 25er
    Jonas 25er6 dager siden

    Hertha BSC full name edition: Deyovaisio Zeefuik Jordan Torunarigha Maximilian MIttelstädt Krzysztof Piatek

  • Fisco Moedjito
    Fisco Moedjito6 dager siden

    Wout "Weghorst", actually it's an easy-written name, but it's kinda hard to spell because that is a Dutch name

  • Fisco Moedjito

    Fisco Moedjito

    6 dager siden

    @NotMyMeme sometimes it sounds tricky, because it's pronounced "Wekh-h'oorst" rather than "WeG-horst"

  • NotMyMeme


    6 dager siden

    not really

    AANITROS6 dager siden


  • io samir
    io samir6 dager siden

    0:38 danny aarons wamannnnnnn

  • Jana Muck
    Jana Muck6 dager siden

    Zu witzig🤣🤣

  • Elias Isander
    Elias Isander6 dager siden


  • Thomas, the freaking Glatzl
    Thomas, the freaking Glatzl7 dager siden

    Fußballer sind auch nur Menschen...

  • Kirairanande
    Kirairanande7 dager siden

    Hehe Błaszczykowski Jędrzejczyk

  • Fives
    Fives7 dager siden

    Casteels is sympathisch

  • Nic0
    Nic07 dager siden


  • Ryan Darwich
    Ryan Darwich7 dager siden


  • Akash Das
    Akash Das7 dager siden

    The bundesliga youtube channel is unique official football channel! I've been following many channels like Premier league or LaLiga Santander but this bundesliga channel is unique.... keep on rollin' guys! Love from An Indian Fan!

  • Krls Dœ
    Krls Dœ7 dager siden

    1:54 OMG it's him !!! I hope we can see him playing soon :'(

  • mathiz phariseau
    mathiz phariseau7 dager siden


  • LA Ingram
    LA Ingram7 dager siden

    Thats so ez lolz.

  • charbel youssef
    charbel youssef8 dager siden

    The first one is approved by fifa ultimate team players

  • Alfie Cunningham
    Alfie Cunningham8 dager siden


  • Simping4TheBlade
    Simping4TheBlade8 dager siden


  • thfcjayzn
    thfcjayzn8 dager siden


  • Lulatsch
    Lulatsch8 dager siden

    schwolow would be another one

  • Quapsel 999
    Quapsel 9998 dager siden

    Another hard names Krzysztof Piatek Rafal Gikiewicz Sasa Kalajdzic

  • Hayden Platts
    Hayden Platts8 dager siden

    2:32 😂😂😂

  • Kuba Jabłuszko
    Kuba Jabłuszko8 dager siden

    Waman was ez

  • CaptinCupcake
    CaptinCupcake8 dager siden

    Wamangituka Kostic: “Wait”

  • Destiny Edosa
    Destiny Edosa8 dager siden


    MBAPPE AND SANCHO DUO8 dager siden

    Dany aarons isnt happy kostic

  • Indio Live
    Indio Live8 dager siden


  • Anthony Umaru Jr.
    Anthony Umaru Jr.8 dager siden

    You could have done leverkusen finnish keepe

  • lord kuřátko kamarád
    lord kuřátko kamarád8 dager siden

    This is very easy

  • FaZe _STTG
    FaZe _STTG9 dager siden

    Sasa Kalajdzic

  • Jeezs
    Jeezs9 dager siden

    The bundesliga is amazing compared to what other leagues do

  • Jorge Fonseca
    Jorge Fonseca9 dager siden

    Admin,you need to improve your accent,you said JOU-sei Angeliñou Tasendei,it's José Angeliño Tasende,you read the letter o like ow/ou instead of just o,and in the letter e,you read Ei/ai,instead of just e,to better undetstand my point,you should just hear someone speak in spanish,then you ll understand that it's José,not Jousei

  • John_030
    John_0309 dager siden

    warum stellt man für den Bundesliga Kanal einen Briten als Sprecher ein?

  • Pauley
    Pauley9 dager siden


  • Olaf Klimko
    Olaf Klimko9 dager siden