Marcus Thuram scores twice! | Borussia M'gladbach - SC Freiburg | 2-1 | All Goals | Matchday 27


#BMGSCF | Highlights from Matchday 27!
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Watch all goals of Borussia Mönchengladbach vs. SC Freiburg from Matchday 27 of 2020/21 season!
Goals: 0-1 Roland Sallai (10’), 1-1 Marcus Thuram (53’), 2-1 Marcus Thuram (60’)
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  • Bundesliga
    Bundesliga7 dager siden

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  • Yupp Dupp

    Yupp Dupp

    7 dager siden

    Didnt we

  • blue line
    blue line6 dager siden

    An own goal has not been considered, sad for Adminho?! But, why the last gaol is not a goal? I can't understand that.

  • Wisdom Tedam
    Wisdom Tedam6 dager siden

    i love thuram mehn!!

  • DerSchlager1900
    DerSchlager19006 dager siden

    The Freiburg’s disallowed goal gave me a heart attack lol

  • not replying to the persons comment

    not replying to the persons comment

    6 dager siden

    Also when the defense isnt there

  • Azam Alhani
    Azam Alhani7 dager siden

    City should sign thuram

  • Packdowski
    Packdowski7 dager siden


  • Mohamad Rizky Wibowo
    Mohamad Rizky Wibowo7 dager siden

  • su sakot
    su sakot7 dager siden

    offside by who?

  • kevin2hard
    kevin2hard7 dager siden

    Should be the main striker

  • Hazim
    Hazim7 dager siden

    Mantap thuram

  • Kemar Roach
    Kemar Roach7 dager siden

    I'm going to miss the sound of the ball rattling the nets and the players communicating

  • K.j L
    K.j L7 dager siden

    0:18 What a speed Marcus Thuram 🤯

  • Azero Futebol
    Azero Futebol7 dager siden

    lucky Gladbach

  • shounok360
    shounok3607 dager siden

    why no goal for freiburg?

  • DerSchlager1900


    6 dager siden

    Clear offside

  • William Yeoh
    William Yeoh7 dager siden

    Thuram another of my dream team player

    SABIR KHAN7 dager siden

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  • Football Club
    Football Club7 dager siden

    Last goal????????????

  • Alemão
    Alemão7 dager siden

    pq anularam o segundo gol do freiburg ?

  • Robert Lewandowski 99
    Robert Lewandowski 997 dager siden

    Where is Adminho 😑😑

  • not replying to the persons comment
    not replying to the persons comment7 dager siden

    Thuram 😥 important win

  • Yupp Dupp
    Yupp Dupp7 dager siden

    That was Var Steal Sad for the last goal ruling out😭

  • Yupp Dupp
    Yupp Dupp7 dager siden


  • general underscore chambers number1
    general underscore chambers number17 dager siden

    Why was their goal rulled out

  • Helmut B.

    Helmut B.

    7 dager siden

    offside! just a inch or so....

  • rahul kurup
    rahul kurup7 dager siden

    Why was the last goal ruled out??

  • Helmut B.

    Helmut B.

    7 dager siden

    offside! just a inch i think

  • Phoenix Warden
    Phoenix Warden7 dager siden