Erling Haaland - Bundesliga's Best


Erling Haaland's journey so far!

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Erling Haaland is the new superstar at Borussia Dortmund. At just 20 years old, the Norwegian is BVB's leading scorer by some distance with 21 goals and four assists this season. No one in black and yellow is as clinical and determined in front of goal as the brawny striker. Haaland has been terrorising Bundesliga defences since the start of 2020 and regularly impresses with his goalscoring exploits, something he learned at a young age. His father Alf-Inge Haaland was also a professional footballer - young Erling clearly learned a lot from him. His journey to becoming one of the best players in the Bundesliga, and of course his best goals, are here in the latest edition of Bundesliga's Best. How far do you think he can go? Which record will he break next? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Wagner T
    Wagner T7 timer siden

    7:34 is that J. Cole?

  • Legend Turan
    Legend TuranDag siden

    The best forward Robert Lewandovski

  • Kugo124
    Kugo1244 dager siden

    Really forgot joelinton was once in the bun league

  • RudolfMaster
    RudolfMaster4 dager siden

    discount version of zlatan

  • Mr Anonymous
    Mr Anonymous4 dager siden

    9:23 he clearly has a sun burn from where his sunglasses would have been lol

    ENIGMATIC FACTS5 dager siden

    Sancho is one of the reason for Haaland's success . he makes very nice assist but still very underrated player

    ENIGMATIC FACTS5 dager siden

    who is the admin, why i found many comments that admin is a fan of Haaland. i am also fan of Haaland but no one talks about me🤗

    ENIGMATIC FACTS5 dager siden

    thumbnail and Bundesliga symbol are accurate

  • Hamza ateeq
    Hamza ateeq5 dager siden

    me : why posting haaaland adminho: why not

  • Hamza ateeq
    Hamza ateeq5 dager siden

    i think adminho is the best friend of Haaland.

  • Nazirite Ssembajwe Ronald
    Nazirite Ssembajwe Ronald6 dager siden

    So this's what we will be missing when he's exported..., No way! Don't lose him Bundesliga.,...Don't let him go BVB!

  • Premraj Mv
    Premraj Mv6 dager siden

    Admin : As long as Haaland stays , I'm not gonna run out of contents !!!

  • BK007
    BK0076 dager siden

    FFS he has not scored in 4 games now?

    GFEAST6 dager siden

    You are just jealous because I am getting a gas grill 🔥🔥🔥

  • Sample Clone
    Sample Clone6 dager siden

    Paco Alcacer trololo 😂

  • Sample Clone
    Sample Clone6 dager siden

    Bundesliga tax

  • Zach Richardson
    Zach Richardson8 dager siden

    He will break the most expensive transfer ever.

  • Shade
    Shade8 dager siden

    Someone help... the devil is what?

  • incog 18
    incog 188 dager siden

    The next record he's gonna set is highest transfer fee

  • Pushpdant Sharma
    Pushpdant Sharma8 dager siden

    Man these videos only come when these players are about to leave LOL 😂 .

  • Aquila Rossa
    Aquila Rossa8 dager siden

    I do not like how that mobster Raiola is currently on a whirlwind tour trying to sell him while the season is still running. It may not technically be tapping up, but it is definitely disrespectful to Dortmund supporters and football in general. I am old enough to remember my club MUFC signing Brian Robson in the early 80s when I was a kid, which to me is when the club really showed ambition again after being relegated in the mid '70s. One million pounds. A record transfer. Now the record is getting to about 150 times that. It's madness. I doubt MUFC will cough up that kind of money, let alone pay the massive wages the two top Spanish sides somehow manage to pay. FFP needs beefing up, or football will just become another rich gets richer situation where a handful of clubs dominate the leagues, which is boring (MUFC had Blackburn, Newcastle, Arsenal, Chelsea and City challenging them for the title during the Fergie era, so the league was still competitive). Now clubs need dodgy billionaires or oil tyrants to own them to compete. It takes the shine off football for me a bit. The German model of partial supporter ownership appeals to me, alothugh I see it has still not resolved Buy Your Munchies FC dominating there.

  • Lucas sm8
    Lucas sm88 dager siden

    I love Haaland and for me he will be the best but its crazy he is more Mediatic than Lewandowski

  • Atharva Shetty
    Atharva Shetty8 dager siden

    0:38 just a Perfect time goal🔥🔥

  • debashis chaudhury
    debashis chaudhury8 dager siden

    No more,Haalånd will leave Dortmund...😎😎😎😂😂

  • BK007
    BK0079 dager siden

    Breaking news! His dad just signed him up for Real Madrid. Hala Madrid!

    ANIKET KARNA9 dager siden

    Spotted Jurgen Klopp at the back 10:16

  • Yasir
    Yasir9 dager siden

    This guy makes me wanna get back into paying fifa

  • Segu Rohdes
    Segu Rohdes9 dager siden

    jaja e s un troncazo!!

  • Hassan Ayoade
    Hassan Ayoade9 dager siden

    His brother is even taller. What a tall family!

  • Hiten Patel
    Hiten Patel9 dager siden

    Gonna be funny when Roy Keane calls him “average”

  • 1Messii
    1Messii9 dager siden

    Erling Haaland's Dad and Agent will meet Laporta in Brcelona Today , let's hope he will movie to Bacelona

  • 24 - Animesh Pati - 9B

    24 - Animesh Pati - 9B

    9 dager siden

    He can't the president of Barca said while they would love to have him they can only sign him next year

  • abdulrahman noor
    abdulrahman noor9 dager siden

    Welcome to Barcelona

  • abdulrahman noor
    abdulrahman noor9 dager siden

    Erlin haaland To Barcelona Kylian mbappe To Real Madrid it’s the beginning of a new era

  • Ssk
    Ssk10 dager siden

    Admin, will Dortmund beat city?

  • BMC Gaming
    BMC Gaming10 dager siden

    Was ist mein lieblings sport?? Fuschball!!!!

  • Kyle Crozier
    Kyle Crozier10 dager siden

    I thought his style of play was to recharge his batteries every night but oh well

  • Gonzalo
    Gonzalo10 dager siden


  • jason m
    jason m10 dager siden

    Admin, "well, it's been 28 mins... time for another Haaland vid."

  • fvcvbv cbccbc
    fvcvbv cbccbc10 dager siden

    dortmund is literally making advertisement for the upcoming transfer market

  • Filip
    Filip10 dager siden

    *work hard*

  • Goal And no goal
    Goal And no goal10 dager siden

    He can be the next lewadoski the new goat new best player

  • Elrik Canuto
    Elrik Canuto10 dager siden

    Ragnar Lothbroki of football

  • Tw1st Jelle
    Tw1st Jelle10 dager siden

    Haaland the Kimi of football

  • The Making De Moi
    The Making De Moi10 dager siden

    Imagine phoden and Haarland in the same team.

  • Strong lil Chick
    Strong lil Chick10 dager siden

    They are really disrespecting Lewandowski and forgot the fact that Haaland will be leaving Bundesliga soon😂

  • Yak Reloaded
    Yak Reloaded10 dager siden

    20th Haaland video of the month

  • Chenyi (Leo) Tao
    Chenyi (Leo) Tao10 dager siden

    We waited for three whole days to see another Håaland video What is going on adminho

  • xWHEETO123x
    xWHEETO123x10 dager siden


  • Abhishek Jaidev
    Abhishek Jaidev10 dager siden

    Viewers : So, how many Haaland videos ar..... Adminho : *WELL, YES*

  • Christophe Oosterwijk
    Christophe Oosterwijk10 dager siden

    if you want to score goals ask haaland for advice

  • amir khateri
    amir khateri10 dager siden

    Even when he scores a tap in he is about to rip the net😳😂 99 power 😂 Next record:Player with most power even when he taps in 😅

  • aj bastiman
    aj bastiman10 dager siden

    Ole came out in recent interview and said when he was at molde at 15-16 he knew he would be world class mentioned his winning mentality

  • Aslan Zamzam
    Aslan Zamzam11 dager siden

    Bundesliga best lig in de world 😍

  • Akash Chauhan
    Akash Chauhan11 dager siden

    The only thing terrifying than his goal scoring record is his celebration.😂 Hope he can have a cool celebration move not to aggressive or not to plain. I like his meditation and social distancing celebration

  • Bhavick Singh
    Bhavick Singh11 dager siden

    Halaand is the younger Zlatan and Mbappe is the Younger Henry

  • West Ham 3 Arsenal 3
    West Ham 3 Arsenal 311 dager siden

    Haaland is unbelievable

  • Mu Qani
    Mu Qani11 dager siden

    Looks like a lab 🥼 🧪 product. So good and clinical in front of goal. Whoever signs him is a lucky bastard.

  • The Cure
    The Cure11 dager siden

    Bundesliga icon iiiis haaland! That's it!

  • Andy
    Andy11 dager siden

    Hopefully he would sign for Manchester City next season.

  • The Funny Strangers
    The Funny Strangers11 dager siden

    the future messi

  • Ryan Floyd
    Ryan Floyd11 dager siden

    I’m just a Canadian trying to get into European football and this channel is helping me a lot!

  • Ivan Barrera

    Ivan Barrera

    9 dager siden

    Hey if some English slab heads try to tell ya the prem is a harder league just tell them to suck it

  • Aryan Angrish
    Aryan Angrish11 dager siden

    Ballon dor soon

  • Ryan Molstad
    Ryan Molstad11 dager siden

    Gonna be a sad day for the Bundesliga community channel when Haaland leaves the Bundesliga

  • The High Ground
    The High Ground11 dager siden

    Håland has the high ground

  • Juaan Asif
    Juaan Asif11 dager siden

    Everyone: How many videos will u make on Erling Haaland Admin: yes

  • moudroidify
    moudroidify11 dager siden

    Welcome to BARCELONA

  • Whoopty loop
    Whoopty loop11 dager siden

    Farmers league 😎💯😂😂💀🖕

  • Futebol das antigas
    Futebol das antigas11 dager siden

    Jay Jay Okocha score amazing goal against Karlsruher:

  • Dons 45
    Dons 4511 dager siden

    I really dont mind if adminho keep posting halaand every day

  • Güler COŞKUN
    Güler COŞKUN11 dager siden

    Erling HAALAND the best🐠 It is true👍👍

  • Zini
    Zini11 dager siden

    Brabon king of the cape

  • Zini
    Zini11 dager siden

    Brabão ! rei do capa !!

  • Louis Clarke
    Louis Clarke11 dager siden

    It's only been 3 days ha

  • Odhran Kennedy
    Odhran Kennedy11 dager siden

    He should stay til he is 22 then he should move if mino riaola wants to

  • Adefolahan Guerreiro
    Adefolahan Guerreiro11 dager siden

    Haaland = Goals

  • Khadija Chibibi
    Khadija Chibibi11 dager siden

    The best "9" in the world. He will be the best of the history? 🤔

  • The Goblin
    The Goblin11 dager siden

    Admin: *Erling Haaland - Bundesliga's best* Plot Twist : Admin: _Haaland please stay in the Bundesliga_

  • The Goblin

    The Goblin

    11 dager siden

    I hope he stays though, only Admin can make Haaland vids as these

  • abhijit das
    abhijit das11 dager siden

    Lol. Hope he doesn't becomes bale who love golf way to much now. Haaland with music

  • Zainab Rangoonwala
    Zainab Rangoonwala11 dager siden

    Adminho gonna be sadder than the dortmund manager when he leaves 😆😆

  • Manohar Bhade
    Manohar Bhade11 dager siden

    And now he is play for man city💕

  • Abdirahman Rashiid
    Abdirahman Rashiid11 dager siden

    haaland is being used by Bundesliga to be known

  • M. Dani Aripian
    M. Dani Aripian11 dager siden

    The next player Real Madrid

  • Schnider
    Schnider11 dager siden

    Even as a Bayern fan he's one of my favorite players. The energy and intensity he plays with is captivating

  • Arslaan Mazhar
    Arslaan Mazhar11 dager siden

    Haaland will go to other league for sure then what will adminho do ? i am already surprised about it.

  • Finn Kharmalki
    Finn Kharmalki11 dager siden

    1:19 that's Brock Lesner😅

  • Lars Ah
    Lars Ah11 dager siden

    Damn good quality vids coming out frem the Bundesliga channel. Don't mind Håland:P

  • Beuken Phom
    Beuken Phom11 dager siden

    I would choose him over Lewandoski

  • Manny Ddavis
    Manny Ddavis11 dager siden

    Haalandliga should be the channel name

  • Ádám Váry
    Ádám Váry11 dager siden

    He is not the best

  • Ashley Mabunda
    Ashley Mabunda11 dager siden

    Just another regular day with an Erling Haaland video

  • Robbie Moore
    Robbie Moore11 dager siden

    Admin is obsessed with this man

  • Eko Yulianto
    Eko Yulianto11 dager siden

    Why his movement always looks awkward

  • Balder Meland
    Balder Meland11 dager siden

    Molde is the second best team in Norway after Rosenborg

  • Mubeen Tahir
    Mubeen Tahir11 dager siden

    Haaland *BREATHS* Adminho : My time has come

  • li88pieces
    li88pieces11 dager siden

    Welcome to Real Madrid :)

  • Louis Clarke

    Louis Clarke

    11 dager siden

    Can't afford him 😂😂

  • Henryk Kebab
    Henryk Kebab11 dager siden

    Haaland Hero must win DFB Pokal and CL 20/21 good luck BVB

  • Louis Clarke

    Louis Clarke

    11 dager siden

    But the way man city are playing at the monument can't see them winning

  • Byzantoid
    Byzantoid11 dager siden


  • Divij mahajan06
    Divij mahajan0611 dager siden

    Come to barca halland we need u

  • saladtossing
    saladtossing11 dager siden

    And he has just spent 2 seasons here

  • YuanMaster 707
    YuanMaster 70711 dager siden

    When Earling Haaland scores... Adminho: Here we go again