Erling Haaland - 34 Goals in Only 36 Matches


Erling Haaland becomes the youngest Bundesliga player to 34 goals
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Another matchday, another record for Dortmund's exceptional striker Erling Haaland. The Norwegian superstar is now the youngest Bundesliga player ever to score 34 goals. With his brace last weekend against 1. FC Köln, he overtook the legendary Klaus Fischer, and this is surely not the end of the line for him. What do you think? Which record will he break next? Let us know in the comments!

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  • CrimsonCraft
    CrimsonCraft14 dager siden

    I now mark the passage of time with these wonderful videos!

  • Yannis Ouoba

    Yannis Ouoba

    9 timer siden

    @Bundesliga wow

  • LilSxmi


    6 dager siden

    @Bundesliga how do u come up with soo many good jokes man i cant think of 1 to save my life :(

  • 442oons Shorts

    442oons Shorts

    14 dager siden

    @Bundesliga Oh yeah, I should go get the robot.

  • Bundesliga


    14 dager siden

    🤔 What date is it? 😬: The 34 of Haaland

  • Robert Nicholas
    Robert Nicholas3 minutter siden

    I can see this guy going to man city. Then de bruyne + haarland = city domination of Premier League for years

  • Luke E.H
    Luke E.H2 timer siden

    He's not a bad striker, Blackburn Rovers should go for him

  • Nerd Ninja
    Nerd Ninja4 timer siden

    All tapins

  • Fahrein Salleh
    Fahrein Salleh18 timer siden

    To be fair..he got so many exceptional passes from hes team mates..

  • Forty9 Sevxn
    Forty9 SevxnDag siden

    “678 goals in only 680 bundesliga matches”

  • Regenia Staaf
    Regenia StaafDag siden

    The magnificent hardware amazingly double because september aboaly possess onto a righteous jail. small, obnoxious cattle

  • van khanh
    van khanhDag siden

    3p19 . awww

  • Lib Jadeer
    Lib JadeerDag siden


  • Eraxes
    EraxesDag siden

    You see that you are inflating BALL KIDS WATCH If the HAALAND TURKEY MATCH IS IN HOW MUCH WORSE

  • Milecas
    MilecasDag siden

    The 29th goal is so🔥🔥🔥

  • Gabriel Rivera
    Gabriel RiveraDag siden

    No tiene nada de espectacular solo es un caza goles oportunista

  • Clipz Zentox
    Clipz Zentox2 dager siden

    5:50 thought it was fifa lol

  • Andovi Setya Alnaresh
    Andovi Setya Alnaresh2 dager siden

    No muncen ok haland

  • Ebraheem Alaa Max
    Ebraheem Alaa Max2 dager siden

    Imagine haland playing with the goat leo messi just Imagine

  • A Menace
    A Menace2 dager siden

    we need to feed our children better. Norway’s National dishes comprise of a lot of fish such as herring etc whereas British dNational Dishes tend to involve a lot over very nice comfort food which is not always good for our growing kids. We need to feed our kids good quality fresh foods so that they can be strong and athletic just like Haaland then we might stand a chance against these giants in sport like football

    OXDH AOXT3 dager siden

    None with the right foot

  • Ciro Silva
    Ciro Silva3 dager siden


  • Harder Way
    Harder Way3 dager siden

    Pipo Inzaghi, just blond and bigger.

  • Just an average gamer
    Just an average gamer3 dager siden

    Next Ronaldo is this lad 💯

  • david shaoul
    david shaoul3 dager siden

    guy doesnt know how to shoot from outside the box hed never get that amount of space in the premier league defenders are much faster

  • JiTiAr35
    JiTiAr354 dager siden

    Big and strong like a center half, speedy like a winger, and typical classic number 9 finisher. The boy is a natural freak.

  • The Mandem
    The Mandem4 dager siden

    Was it just me who found the commentator really annoying cos he was saying hoorland

  • Herry anshor
    Herry anshor4 dager siden

    halland on fire

  • Armando LaPeda
    Armando LaPeda4 dager siden

    Pure class

  • Sean C
    Sean C4 dager siden

    Loves a tap in......Lineker esque.......

  • Milecas
    Milecas4 dager siden

    When dortmund play aganist schalke in the next game plays ever aganist bayern munich and when dortmund play aganist leipzig in the next game play aganist gladbach

  • xxxtensioncord
    xxxtensioncord4 dager siden

    Words cannot describe how much I hate this commentator

  • Affan Malik
    Affan Malik5 dager siden

    he is goaling haaland

  • Christin Magdalena
    Christin Magdalena5 dager siden

    Harland young and magic football ⚽ player

  • Santar Kora
    Santar Kora5 dager siden

    He is just a goal scorer, but goal maker...??🧐🤔

  • Choerul Anan
    Choerul Anan5 dager siden

    Haaland bakery wkwk

  • Menime
    Menime6 dager siden

    Welcome to Madrid

  • Kevin Colt
    Kevin Colt6 dager siden

    This guy is what ronaldo and mbape ever dreamed to be at 20 His shooting vectors and angles are flawless plus his legs pace is a like watching a perfect synphony every time

  • Tony J Lorns

    Tony J Lorns

    4 dager siden

    Get real ! what Ronaldo dreamed of he’s don’t nothing yet Harland Ronaldo a all time great !

  • red
    red6 dager siden

    FCB 🔵🔴

  • Anti Lgbt Aslanı
    Anti Lgbt Aslanı6 dager siden

    Am sori ha ! Am sori goddodet abusini giddat mabcci

  • Anti Lgbt Aslanı
    Anti Lgbt Aslanı6 dager siden

    Am sori ha

  • Samiksha Varma
    Samiksha Varma6 dager siden

    500 goals

  • IcyUncleChris 76
    IcyUncleChris 767 dager siden

    The kids on another level

  • Lion7802
    Lion78027 dager siden

    Bundesliga is no place for him. He should be on Premier league or La liga

  • Lion7802
    Lion78027 dager siden

    O mlk é muito pica! É questão de (pouco) tempo até ser o melhor do mundo

  • Victor
    Victor7 dager siden

    Amazing 🤯

  • Nick Gee
    Nick Gee7 dager siden

    See him going to spain even though the premier league is his best suited option if he wants to be a great!

  • Nafi' Jr
    Nafi' Jr7 dager siden

    hazard mbape haaland

  • Stacey Tansey
    Stacey Tansey7 dager siden

    Come back home.... please. #ALAW

  • Rob Creates
    Rob Creates8 dager siden


  • Zach Richardson
    Zach Richardson8 dager siden

    I love watching his goals

  • Ruben Pico G
    Ruben Pico G8 dager siden

    Fc Barcelona, please

  • Marquis de Suave
    Marquis de Suave8 dager siden

    He's a total spaz on the pitch and yet he's the best poacher Ive ever seen.

  • Ricky Simons
    Ricky Simons8 dager siden

    Most of his goals were not so special tho like his tap-ins

  • William Vogel
    William Vogel8 dager siden

    Se posiciona bem e finaliza bem. Mas nenhum gol fora da área, ou quase nenhum de cabeça, mesmo tendo quase 2m. O entrosamento com a equipe faz diferença. Vamos ver se continua em outro time.

  • Seabelo Magoro
    Seabelo Magoro8 dager siden

    If this boy doesn't get 94 finishing in FIFA 22 then FIFA should just stop the franchise

  • sanjay kunwar
    sanjay kunwar8 dager siden

    Mbappe: Dribbling, Speed, finishing Haaland: Finishing, strength, lethal

  • sanjay kunwar
    sanjay kunwar8 dager siden

    Cannot wait for rivalry between haaland and mbappe

  • Aage Reinert Jakobsen
    Aage Reinert Jakobsen9 dager siden

    This is like one of those songs where every verse after the first is the previous verse but you just add a new line each time.

  • Moe Hawary
    Moe Hawary9 dager siden

    This player is a machine of goals!! He can literally score from any inch inside the penalty area He will beat other strikers goals in the near future

  • Donald
    Donald9 dager siden

    Chelsea player!!

  • Paban kr. Rabha
    Paban kr. Rabha9 dager siden


  • Alin Rajbhandari
    Alin Rajbhandari9 dager siden

    At this point they are just milking halland

  • RaptorDuck
    RaptorDuck9 dager siden


  • TheAutumnSoldier
    TheAutumnSoldier9 dager siden

    Any idea what music starts at 3:35? Thanks 🤙🏻

  • Kevin Ley
    Kevin Ley9 dager siden

    The new Fernando Torres (peak Torres). Even has the Alice band

  • Ridwan Ali
    Ridwan Ali9 dager siden

    He’s not going Barcelona is he Madrid?

  • Ridwan Ali
    Ridwan Ali9 dager siden

    The world at his feet a future Legend

  • Muhammad Arif
    Muhammad Arif9 dager siden

    He can't score for dortmund anymore because he will join barca🔵🔴🔥

  • Maple Tree
    Maple Tree9 dager siden

    Come to Real 🤍

  • Yegonizer
    Yegonizer9 dager siden

    Remind me of Drogba.. Worried about his size he might be slower when he gets older

  • Hassan Ayoade
    Hassan Ayoade9 dager siden

    I guess he wouldn't have to score more for the black and yellow after this season. Stories emerging now says he's going to barcelona in the summer. Stories I love to hear. Welcome Haaland.

  • Saketh Rachakonda

    Saketh Rachakonda

    5 dager siden

    And he won't be that much effective in laliga

  • Luciano M.
    Luciano M.9 dager siden

    welcome to fc Barcelona!

  • Jordi Martín
    Jordi Martín9 dager siden

    Este tio jugando me recuerda a Raúl González

  • Fabrizio Caviedes
    Fabrizio Caviedes9 dager siden

    Welcome to Barcita

  • Maveh
    Maveh9 dager siden

    Meanwhile, Haaland's father and Raiola landing in Barcelona. Laporta, go for him!!!

  • Miguel


    8 dager siden

    Lmao they are on a world tour not just Barcelona

  • Anton Vetrov
    Anton Vetrov9 dager siden

    He did it again, the absolute madman Adminho, never change

  • abdulrahman noor
    abdulrahman noor9 dager siden

    Erlin haaland To Barcelona Kylian mbappe To Real Madrid it’s the beginning of a new era

  • Juan Perez Esteban
    Juan Perez Esteban9 dager siden

    who is the guy that makes all the assistances so Haaland only has to push the ball to the goal? it seems is the talented one in the video.

  • Stefan Kazimirovic

    Stefan Kazimirovic

    9 dager siden


  • Emilio Rodriguez
    Emilio Rodriguez9 dager siden

    Aparte de ver sus goles también pudimos apreciar el crecimiento de su cabello jajaja.

  • S M
    S M9 dager siden

    Haaland to Real Madrid, Bundesliga is too small for him

  • C 199
    C 19910 dager siden


  • Peace FC
    Peace FC10 dager siden

    “how many more goals will he score for the black and yellow” not many more if he leaves soon 😢😔

  • erkan coşkun
    erkan coşkun10 dager siden

    Haaland ozan tufanin selami var anlarsin ya 3.0 TURKEY

  • Bruno Araujo
    Bruno Araujo10 dager siden

    Mano o cara não erra o chute, nunca vi ele chutando errado se quer 1 vez, impressionante...

  • You think you know me
    You think you know me10 dager siden

    Nothing special

  • whdidowjw ehwkdog
    whdidowjw ehwkdog10 dager siden

    Players to be exported to EPL soon

  • Heng Zhu
    Heng Zhu10 dager siden

    德甲防守战术设计够烂的。毫无层次感。虽然是一个好的ST。 大胆预言。只要哈兰德离开多特蒙德,立马哑火。

  • Arnav Shetty
    Arnav Shetty10 dager siden

    Haalaand is excellent but you gotta appreciate how unselfish his teammates are and give him chances especially the very first one

  • Neo Ren Jie
    Neo Ren Jie10 dager siden

    Admin decides which player to sign for Chelsea next.

  • ReSiStAnCe
    ReSiStAnCe10 dager siden

    Si no marca te convierte en chocolate

  • Ritchie Henry
    Ritchie Henry11 dager siden

    Sancho is good

  • zidan FF
    zidan FF11 dager siden

    Mantap halland

  • Guerrero Ricardo
    Guerrero Ricardo11 dager siden

    Seems like Bayern has found a perfect replacement for Lewandowski

  • Deni
    Deni11 dager siden

    Erling holaaaaaaaaaaaaand

  • Albert Alberto
    Albert Alberto11 dager siden

    it's not Norwegian Messi or Norwegian Ronaldo, it's HAALAND, THE NEXT BIG THING

  • Pronto Malinois
    Pronto Malinois11 dager siden

    haaland in the box : *aimbot.exe*

  • Pronto Malinois
    Pronto Malinois11 dager siden

    *He doesn't miss often from those weirds angles !*

  • Digger Gardi
    Digger Gardi11 dager siden

    For most of these goals no one is marking him or picking his runs up....the keepers may as well not be there on some of them....the PL would be a tougher test for him.

  • Digger Gardi
    Digger Gardi11 dager siden

    He's a good finisher but did you see the defending....atrocious!

  • Kolo
    Kolo11 dager siden

    Amazing that he has more Champions league goals than Ronaldhinio.

  • Vicente Vargas
    Vicente Vargas11 dager siden

    I dont think he Will be a superstar like Messi o Cristiano. He have a talent, but he dont make the difference.

  • Juan Perez Esteban

    Juan Perez Esteban

    9 dager siden

    exactly, looks like a Vieri to me, a very good player for last meters, but not a super talented player overall. Still there aren't many out there with goal instinct so main clubs will be fighting for him.

  • hussein bhalloo
    hussein bhalloo11 dager siden

    Erling goalland

  • Hugo Andreasson
    Hugo Andreasson11 dager siden

    Vids are getting longer and I have also seen his goals soo many times now thanks to adminho